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Walk in Freezer Cold Storage Warehouse Facilities Customized for Fish Chicken and Meat

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Walk In Freezer Cold Storage Warehouse Facilities Customized For Fish Chicken And Meat



Shelf life

Storage conditions


10 to 12 months

Inner temperature should be below -18 degree before storage.
Cold room is appropriate between -18 degree to -20 degree


9 to 11 months


9 to 11 months

Poultry (intact poultry, small packed splitted poultry, viscera by-products)

8 to 11 months

cold storage facilities

Walk In Freezer Cold Storage specifications


- 15 to -40 degree

Blast food

Pork, Chicken, beef, fish, shrimps etc.

Blasting time

1 hr to 24 hrs depends on different goods


10 KG to unlimited

Food output temperature

Goods inner middle temperature -18 degree

Power supply

380, 220, 460 Voltage, 3 Phase, 50, 60hz.


R22, R404A, R517a


Germany Bitzer, America Copeland, Taiwan Hanebell, can customize

Cooling way

Water cooling, air cooling, evaporative cooling

Panels thickness

150mm to 200mm or even thicker

Panels material

Double-sided color steel, double-side stainless steel, etc

Walk In Freezer inside picture

cold storage warehouse

Middle freezer refrigeration unit

frozen cold storage

Big freezer refrigeration unit

walk in freezer

Freezer panels in stock

walk in cold storage

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