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How To Build A 20 Tons Flake Ice Machine In Maldives?
- Jul 30, 2017 -

    With the development of maritime transport industry, The ice for seafood preservation is becoming more and more important. Recently, There is a fisherman lives in Maldives is our customer who bought 2 set 10 ton flake ice machine and ice storage cold room for his project that near the sea.

CBFI-2 set 10 ton flake ice machine with ice storage room14.jpg 

     Because customer’s ice plant house is near the sea , he wanted his flake ice machine’ ice can easy to take out so that he sold the flake ice for more convenience and quickly.

     With that in mind, our technologists designed a particular flake ice machine and ice storage cold room for him. Like this:


   This is the model of the special flake ice machine

      According to the actual environment, 2 set 10 ton flake ice machine was build on the second floor of his ice plant house, and then the locating place of -10℃ ice storage cold room is in the first floor.


Special design:Flake ice on the second floor, below is the ice storage room

CBFI-2 set 10 ton flake ice machine with ice storage room181.jpg

        This is the flake ice machine on the up stairs


Hole for flake ice dropping and flake ice machine drop into ice storage room


   Cooling fan unit for ice storage room

    Because of near the sea, refrigeration of Cooling fan unit was more suitable for him.  

     To his surprise, This special flake ice machine not only can help him solved above problems but also let he stored the flake ice effectively . That was a perfect design for him.

      Here are some picture about this project:


So happy that customer visit our factory

 CBFI-2 set 10 ton flake ice machine with ice storage room8.jpg 

Customer receive his ice machines and cold room

       In the competitive domestic and international markets tide, Icesource Group Co., Ltd. works hard and constantly strives to become stronger, and formed four production lines, as commercial ice machine, high-end small household ice machine, cold room unit, cold-chain equipment. Except of this , we also try our best to help customers solve the problems and provide targeted solutions for them.

       At last , Hope you will become our next lucky customer in the future.