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Ice Packing Machine

  • Ice Packaging Machine

    Ice Packaging Machine

    ice packing machine is produce for ice packing, is suit for large cube ice machine and tube ice machine. with packing speed 15-25 bags/min for 5 kg ice bags, it can pack 4-7 tons ice in 1 hour. size of ice bag can be 5-15kg (other size you want welcome to connect with us). to...Read More

  • Tube Ice Packing System

    Tube Ice Packing System

    CBFI Automated Packaging System is design for ice packing. For tube ice machine, ice will come out and get into ice bin, than automated packing system will delivery ice from ice bin and pack ice. size of the bag can be 2kg, 5kg, 10kg... for 5kg bags of ice, cbfi automated...Read More

  • Cube Ice Packing System

    Cube Ice Packing System

    cbfi cube ice packing system is specially design for cube ice packing. ice can packed from 15 to 25 bags in each mintue. There is the step of the process: 1. ice machine make ice and drop into ice bin. 2. after 2 hours producing, ice bin is full, then ice will output from the...Read More

  • Automatic Ice Packaging Machine

    Automatic Ice Packaging Machine

    for large cube ice machine and tube ice machine, we can use cbfi automatice ice packing machine. ice can pack automaticly and unmanded. size of bag can be 2 to 15 kg per bags. if you need, we can design for you base on your requirement. for the packing machine, 15 to 25 bags...Read More

  • CBFI Edible Ice Automatic Packing System

    CBFI Edible Ice Automatic Packing System

    cbfi ice packing machine include coveyor belt, ice bucket, weight system, packing system, output conveyor bely. with plc system control, cbfi ice packing machine can pack ice automaticly, each mintue can pack 15 to 25 bags of ice, it means, for 5 kg per bag, it can pack at...Read More

  • Automatic Packing System

    Automatic Packing System

    cbfi automatic packing system, is produce for ice packing. the system is control by plc system, can start and stop packing automaticly, whole packing process unmanded, you can produce ice continuously at night and sell ice in daily time. cbfi packing system can pack ice...Read More

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