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The Different Between Direct Freezing And Brine Water Freezing Block Ice Machine
- Aug 27, 2017 -

The different between direct freezing and brine water freezing block ice machine 

For the direct freezing block ice machine :


It seems that the direct freezing block ice machine is the automatic machine, but it is not. You can see from the pictures that the structure of the direct freezing block ice machine is very complicated.


Direct freezing machine 


The brine water freezing machine more simple and easy to operate.


When making the ice, there are the water leakage sometimes. If there is water leakage, it is unable to make the complete block ice.


while Brine water freezing ice machine , the water in the stainless steel ice can , will not leak.




The direct freezing block ice machine use the hydraulic device to drop off the block ice, if there is any small problem of the hydraulic device, the ice can't come out. While the brine freezing machine will take out the ice by crane system, very simple and easy.



When ice-off, the direct freezing block ice machine adopt the hot-gas to drop the block ice.In this case, there are much liquid to into the compressor and the evaporative effect is not good.So, the liquid hammer of the compressor. Once the liquid hammer happend, it means that you need to change the compressor.


The operation cost is high. Due to its complicated operation, you will need the professional refrigeration engineer who has the experiences of  the refrigeration and who is professional in refrigeration to operate the  machine. You need to pay more money to the professional technician.

But, for the brine water freezing block ice machine:


You can see that the structure is very very simple, this is one of the   most simple ice machine: machine unit, brine tank, cooling tower and the crane system only.



The machine will be equipped with the crane system, it take out the ice automatically and fill water automatically. the operation is very easy.


There is the electrical hoist on the crane system, you control the      electrical hoist, it take out the ice from the machine automatically, then  melt the ice and drop out the ice, finally fill water into ice moulds.



If you are not the professional refrigeration technician, you can operate the machine well also, just like me, I can operate the machine well. You don't need to spend too much money for the professional refrigeration technician. 

So why not choose brine water freezing block ice machine.