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Ice Making Machine Business With Angola Customer
- Jul 24, 2017 -

Welcome!!! Customers from Angola came to China and visited our factory on 10th July, 2017. As luck, that day is our boss’s birthday, so we invited our customers to join us with the big meal.



They stay in China for about ten days, visiting our factory,

 checking the machines and hanging around Guangzhou with our workmates.



They buy BF5000, BF8000, BBI20 and VIB10 from our factory. The ice will be used for storing fish

 and also for ice cream shop. VIB10 will be used to crush the ice. Here is the picture of BF5000.


From the pictures, we can see that our customers enjoy themselves in China.




The customer will buy more ice making machines from us since they have many friends working on fishing industries.

At last, CBFI welcome all of our customers to visit our factory and know more about us.